Shuyokan Dojo Youth Classes
Policies and Procedures
Dojo Uniform Policy
Effective July 19, 2006


Wearing the Shuyokan Dojo Uniform
All Youth Students attending the Shuyokan Youth Courses are required to wear a white Judo uniform and Dojo Patch with the appropriate Colored Belt that represents their current rank in class. Uniform Belts are to be tied neatly with the belt knot centered in the front and the belt ends hanging evenly. Uniforms shall be kept neat and clean at all times.

The wearing of a white-colored t-shirt under the uniform jacket is required for all female Youth Students and is optional for male Youth Students.

Under no circumstance is any Youth Student permitted to wear the Dojo uniform, or any portion of same, in public, except for attending Dojo Training, participating in public demonstrations, or other Dojo approved event(s).

Any Youth Students found in violation of the policy may be subject to disciplinary action under the Student Disciplinary Action Procedure.

















Policy Effective Date: 7-19-06
Sensei David Dye, Soke Shuyokan