Shuyokan Dojo Youth Classes
Policies and Procedures
Student Disciplinary Action Procedure
Effective July 19, 2006


One of the goals of the classes that are offered at Shuyokan is to teach and instill the importance of both discipline and self-discipline to all youth students who train at Shuyokan. All youth students training at Shuyokan are expected to represent, in a positive way, both the values and standards of the Dojo in all that they do, and as such, they should strive to be responsible for setting good examples as role models for others to follow, both in the Dojo during their training, and outside of the Dojo in their community. Students are expected to accept responsibility, leadership, and excel in their education, life styles and their training at Shuyokan.

Because the training at Shuyokan is the study and use of martial arts for the purposes of self-defense, youth students are held to a higher level of responsibility for their actions both in and outside the Dojo environment. They earn the privilege to wear their Dojo Uniform and their rank does not confer privilege or give power, it imposes responsibility. But even when they are out of uniform and are away from the Dojo, they are still expected to represent the values and standards of what Shuyokan represents and stands for by accepting responsibility for their actions in anything that they do which may reflect or could have a direct affect on Shuyokan.

Should it come to the attention of the Chief Instructor that any youth student has been involved in an incident, either in the Dojo or outside the Dojo, in which questionable and/or inappropriate actions may have been taken which could directly reflect on the Dojo, any one or all of the following disciplinary action(s) may be taken based on the severity of the incident and/or questionable actions:

     1. Verbal reprimand and guidance of student with parent(s) present.
     2. Conflict Resolution and Counseling
     3. Written formal apology by the student
     4. Suspension form the Dojo
     5. Demotion in Rank
     6. Permanent termination and removal from the Shuyokan Dojo

Any and all incidents involving questionable actions by any youth student either in the Dojo or outside the Dojo, including any Disciplinary Action that is taken, shall be evaluated and handled by the Chief Instructor on a case-by-case basis, kept strictly confidential, documented and kept on file at Shuyokan. Youth Students shall receive a written copy of any Disciplinary Action that is taken.

It shall be the responsibility of all Youth Students training in all classes at Shuyokan to read, understand and be familiar with this policy.






Policy Effective Date: 7-19-06
Sensei David Dye, Soke Shuyokan